Unable to make the desktop background stay centered

Windows 7

Asked by: Kevinn474

Original title: CAN NOT change background to stay centered after reboot. Windows 7. I have tried all the other suggested solutions. Please help!!,  

I have an Asus G73 with Windows 7 home, 64 bit and have been trying for months to change my stock Asus background.

I just recently "deleted the theme wallpaper in its folder" and am now able to change to any background I choose. But nowanother problem persists... the new background will not let me save it asCENTERED . This is extremely frustrating. I have tried Sharon's solution with the HP fix, and I downloaded that and it did not work. I tried the irfanview set as background and that did not work either.

Answered by: Nithyananda J

Hi Kevinn474,

1. What is the file type of the picture?
2. Were you able to adjust the position of the wallpaper earlier?

I suggest you to create a new user account and check for the issue, if the issue gets fixed then I would suggest you to fix the corrupted user profile.


Create a user profile.

Now check for the issue.

Follow the below provided link to fix the corrupted user profile.

Thanks and Regards:
I. Suuresh Kumar - Microsoft Support.

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