What happened ? 7 in and now no printer and where's my Microsoft Word ? Great Job Microsoft........NOT

Windows 7

Asked by: ergon4440

I can't seem to get my upgrade 7 to see my PhotoSmart 7250.  When I first installed Windows 7 RC I had to install a patch and everything was fine.  Now that I've upgraded (DOWN GRADED) I find more and more things that do not work.  I've checked with HP for updates and that's OK.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted, trouble shot, now here.  Is there anyone who can help me with this.  Oh yeah, my Microsoft Word is missing...........What's up with that?  

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Sorry to hear you're having problems. What kind of an install did you do? Did you do an 'upgrade of the RC using the 'work around', or did you do a clean install using a full install disk. Either way, I suspect you'd have to re-install Microsoft Word.

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