Combo wifi + bluetooth card Atheros AR5B195 for Vaio SVS15

Windows 8.1

Asked by: Vuongvu

Dear all,

I have a laptop Vaio SVS15115FXB - it is running window 8.1. There is a combo wifi + bluetooth card Atheros model AR5B195 in my laptop. Wifi function work as well, but bluetooth function is unnormal. After searching & studying from our site, i found & installed driver for this card (all most guy told it work well). Even new driver was installed, bluetooth function still not work properly. I went to PC & devices (from Change PC settings) & click to bluetooth tab, my computer is suspended. I can't to connect with other bluetooth devices. After few times restart my computer, there is no improvement.

Is my laptop conformity with combo card? 

Thanks for all support,

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