Windows 8.1

Asked by: Joshua Bagaskara

Hi, please help me. So I installed a game 6 months ago. When I played it, the app.exe has stopped working. I decided to delete all the files ( in the installation folder there was no uninstall application). Yesterday I bought a same DVD game to install the same game but there was a command box that tell me a copy of this game has installed, so the installation will be aborted. I've tried to uninstall the game from control panel, but i can't do that because the windows give me a command box - "You do not have sufficient access to uninstall this game. Please contact your administrator". I've been the administrator of my own PC. I've asked my friends, using command prompt, powershell, even I download CCleaner but when i wanted to uninstall using CCleaner, it gave me a command box -"Error: 2-The system cannot find the file specifies". I want to reinstall this game, what should I do?
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