Highly Unstable Wifi Connection

Windows 8.1

Asked by: mibec1

From the day I bought my computer, my wifi-conectivity has been unstable. It has always been annoying me, but recently the coonection has become so unstable that I daily feel the urge to throw the laptop against a wall or out the window... So I hope somebody can give me the advice that will finally fix my wifi-problems.

The things is that my computer often disconnects (sometimes every 5 minutes or less) from the internet. When I click the wifi-icon, I usually can see my own network and the computer appears to be connected (but it doesn't work). Usually I can see lots of networks around me, but they vanish from the list when I lose the connection (though my own stays).

I have tried restoring the computer to its original state (I bought it with Windows 8 and updated it to Windows 10), updating the networking drivers, followed all the steps on this page. I have run the various diagnostic tools I've been made aware of on different homepages, too. Nothing seems to work at all.

Can anybody tell me what I can do to fix my connection.


Computer: ASUS X550JX

OS: Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 8), 64 Bit.

Network Related: Card and drivers all come from Realtek.

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Do you encounter connection problems using an ethernet cable connection between computer and router? Is the router close to another electrical appliance?

Please provide more information so that the cause of your problem may be diagnosed.

Please restart your computer and allow 20 minutes for the system to run before uploading information required to help me investigate your problem. When examining Event Viewer log files many, not all, problems show in the period immediately after the computer has been booted.

Please provide a copy of your System Information file. To access your System Information file select the keyboard shortcut Win+R, type msinfo32 and click OK . Place the cursor on System Summary. Select File, Export and give the file a name noting where it is located. Click Save. Files in the txt file format are preferred.Do not place the cursor within the body of the report before exporting the file.The system creates a new System Information file each time system information is accessed. You need to allow a minute or two for the file to be fully populated before exporting a copy. Please upload the file to your OneDrive, share with everyone and post a link here. If the report is in a language other than English, please state the language.

Please upload to your OneDrive and share with everyone a copy of your System log file from your Event Viewer and post a link here. Please remove any earlier copies of the logs from your OneDrive.

To access the System log select the keyboard shortcut Win+R, type eventvwr.msc and press the ENTER key. From the list in the left side of the window select Windows Logs and System. Place the cursor on System, select Action from the Menu and Save All Events as (the default evtx file type) and give the file a name. Do not provide filtered files. Do not place the cursor in the list of reports before selecting Action from the menu. Do not clear logs whilst you have a continuing problem.

For help with OneDrive see paragraph 9.3:


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