HP Photosmart C4750 Drivers on new Windows 8.1 Computer

Windows 8.1

Asked by: Patrick Daly VA

I have a brand new Dell Windows 8.1 computer.  I have tried plugging it in to my 4 year old HP Photosmart C4750 all in one printer/scanner.  The HP works fine as a printer with no drivers downloaded.  I cannot download drivers from HP for the full function.  I have tried multiple times and the download always terminates with "File cannot be located" message.  I have tried downloading the driver every which way from HP.  I am guessing that there is no 8.1 compatible driver for this device to allow full feature (ie scanning) capability.  Is this correct?  Has HP orphaned this scanner?  If so, I won't be buying my replacement from them.  Any comments?

Answered by: Nirmal S


Thank you for keeping us posted.

I would have you contact HP for further assistance-


Do let us know if you need further assistance.

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