HP ProBook 450 Windows 10: Screen flashing when lid moved + device dis-/re-connect sound

Windows 8.1

Asked by: furycake

[UPDATE see below]

Hi everyone,

I'm having a serious problem with my ProBook 450 G3 (Full HD, ) on Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit.

Sometimes when tilting the lid, the screen turns off and on again several times, with the Windows device disconnect and connect sound playing. Sometimes this also happens unprovoked and often three, four times in a row. Then it doesn't happen again for 20 minutes or so, no matter if I move the screen or not.

I have sent my laptop to HP for repair twice, the first time it came back saying they exchanged the connector, the second time it came back saying they couldn't replicate the problem. I always removed my SSD because it was not part of the original package and I was fairly certain it was a hardware issue because I:

- had un- and re-installed the video driver (Intel HD Graphics 520) several times and tried different versions

- formatted the device and re-installed Windows 10 from scratch each time I got it back from HP.

However, as they checked it twice at HP and I don't want to believe there was in fact a hardware problem and they simply couldn't find it, I am now assuming that it is a software issue. I read somewhere that it might be an issue with the fingerprint scanner driver, however I also tried deactivating and uninstalling the driver, and this did not change anything. If I could permanently uninstall the fingerprint driver that might be worth a shot, however it keeps re-installing itself upon reboot.

Before sending it back to HP again (this time I would want it replaced), I want to explore some options. I know this is a tough one because it happens randomly and sometimes not for an hour, so it is very hard to replicate and figure out exactly where the problem lies. Any ideas?


[UPDATE 7 Jan] I am now 99% confident that it is in fact a software problem: The problem just appeared again and did not stop. I was able to simply reboot, once it had closed all applications and went into the Windows "Restarting..." screen, the problem disappeared and was also gone when windows had rebooted. But to be honest, I have no clue whatsoever how to figure out which application/driver causes the problem.

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