Request clarification on some of the issues relating to System Image and System Repair Disk

Windows 8.1

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Desktop PC - 

After upgrading PC to Windows 10, I created (a) System Image on a blank HDD and (b) a System Repair Disk on a blank CD/Flash Drive.


After upgrading the PC to Windows 10 Anniversary Pack, I repeated the process by creating (a) System Image on the same HDD and (b) a System Repair Disk on a new blank CD/Flash Drive.


CompBook -


Storage: 32GB In-built, expandable up to 64GB via Micro SD Card, External HDD support.


It came with Windows 10 pre-installed. Later I upgraded it to the Anniversary Pack.


Did not create any System Image on its HDD or System Repair Disk on a separate CD/Flash Drive.


Did not install any third-party software and/or freeware. Now, I am thinking of installing some.


Request clarification on the following issues

1. Was it necessary to create a System Repair Disk on another CD after Anniversary upgrade? Any specific benefit?

2. Is it necessary to create a separate System Repair Disk from the CompBook though Desktop has same version of Operating System? Can the System Repair Disk created on Desktop be used for booting the CompBook if necessary?

3. A System Image may be necessary after Anniversary update but is it necessary to create a System Image of original installation by the makers of the Laptop considering that they keep somewhere in the hard disk a copy of something like that (if it is true) particularly when I did not install any third-party App on new CompBook?

However, if I were to install other Apps, you would probably advise me to create a new System Image but would you advise for a new System Repair Disk?

4. Looking at thee free size of HDD on which system images have been created for desktop PC, I get the impression that Windows 10 does not create a new separate image every time but it only overwrites the earlier image, may be updating only what has changed between the two image creations. Is my assumption correct? Is this the standard approach to system image creation in Window 10?

Please advise. Thank you.

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