USB device not recognized. Error 43.

Windows 8.1

Asked by: Vimal Wei-Shin


I have installed Windows 10 Pro 64-bit in my desktop HDD and connected all my devices to it (peripherals, printers, camera). I have three printers. Printer One is connected via network, Printer Two and Printer Three via USB cable.

Printer Three when connected gave out the error listed in the title. I have tried multiple troubleshooting methods and all have failed.

- Used Windows USB Troubleshooter and showed no error.

- Reconnecting USB cable from desktop and from printer.

- Uninstalling USB via Device Manager and restarting computer.

- Update unrecognized driver via Device Manager.

- Unplug computer from power outlet to power off motherboard and reconnecting Printer Three after boot up.

- Disable USB Root Hub power saving feature via Device Manager.

- Updated Generic USB Hub via Device Manager.

Not of the methods above have worked for me. I have no tried:

- Uninstalling ALL USB devices and then restarting. (Afraid I won't be able to use mouse and keyboard, need advice)

- Uninstall Hidden Devices using Command Prompt and Device Manager. (I do not think this will work as I did a clean install of Windows with all files deleted)

NOTE: Printer Three works perfectly on my Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Laptop. It detects Printer Three once the USB cable is connected and driver installation went smoothly. Printing went smoothly as well. This puzzles me. It seems the problem is the desktop itself. Pendrive and External HDD are working fine on the same USB port where Printer Three is connected to.

Need help urgently as I use Printer Three very often.

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