Windows 8.1 64x system won't download or install updates

Windows 8.1

Asked by: Frank_746

For several months, Windows 8.1 won't install or download any updates. The following important updates are currently in queue: KB 3205404, KB3205401, KB2982998, KB3020393, KB3052480, and one optional. KB2976978.  I have tried downloading the files from Microsoft and installing them, doesn't work.   Tried the Windows update trouble shooter, cycles through the process, says problem is fixed, still doesn't work. Uninstalled anti virus , glary utilities, and a number of other third party programs, still doesn't work. Did a system file scan to check for corrupted files, came up clean.  Called a local tech and asked if they had any familiarity with this issue, and they said the only way to resolve it is to back all your files and do a clean boot, start from scratch.  My concern is that even if I do that, how can I be sure the same problem wont arise again with windows 8.1 OS being notoriously glitch like it is?  God, I miss Windows 7.
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