WIndows Photo App causes high CPU usage while open or closed.

Windows 8.1

Asked by: JohnGiguere

On my Surface Book if I go to the tiles page and click on photos the photos come up and CPU usage is about 30%, I think this is okay.

If I close the photo viewer and go to something else I've noticed that the machine is getting hot, fan on high and upon opening Task-manager I notice that the Windows Photo is still using 30% CPU and over 200 MB of memory.

I then right click on Photo in Task-manager and end task. Following that the machine runs normally until I open Photo again.

I've also noticed that at times when I click on a photo within Windows the photo comes up quickly unless photo viewer had already been used in which it takes minutes to open a new photo.

Something hanging up in photo but I can't figure out what's causing my problem.

Thanks for reading and helping.


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