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Asked by: Paul Frederick 33

I setting up a new computer, the first user, which would be the administrator, was set up with a wrong phone number.  now whenever I try to change anything, including the phone number, it request verification fronm the incorrect phone number.  No matter what, the circuituous rounte continues.  until the number is corrected, nothing can be accomplished in changing the computer settings.   What do i do?

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.


From the provided information, I understand that you are unable to change any information as it asks for verification from the phone number which is wrong. We need some more information to assist you in a better way.

1.      Are you using a Microsoft Account or a local account?

2.      Which window are you trying to change the phone number?


This might be an issue if you are using a Microsoft account, you may need to delete the incorrect phone number and add a new one.

You may follow the steps to delete and add a new phone number.


a.       Press Windows key + C to open Charms bar.

b.      Click on Change PC settings.

c.       Click on User.

d.      Click on change more settings online.

e.       Click on Edit Security Info.

f.        You will find the phone number, click on Delete.

g.       In the same window, click on add phone number and follow the onscreen instruction.


If the issue persists with Account setting, please get back to us. We are here to assist you.

Niyamath H Mohammed
Microsoft Community.
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