Dual monitor doesn't work with Flight Simulator.

Windows 8

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i just bought a super gaming asus computer with nvidia gtx 660 3gb, intel i 7 4.2ghz,16 gb of ram and operating system win8 but my fsx wont display correctly on multiple screen! the resolution on the main screen wont display on 1920x1080 and second screen screen is half black half desktop picture! and in the middle of the game fsx crashes!! i am using vga cable for my main screen and dvi-d on my second! i tried also hdmi for my main and dvi-d on my second but didnt work! all my settings on wondows8 are correct my main screen is checked as main screen! i cant figure out the problem i also checked nvdia updates and i got the latest driver! when i was using vista, on my main screen i was playing on the second screen i was displaying instruments cant do that on my new computer! please helppp!!!

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I need to understand the issue to assist you in a better way. Please answer a few questions.



1.      Is the issue confined to Flight Simulator game?

2.      Do you get any error when the game crashes?

3.      Did you try to change the screen resolution?




You may refer to the link to setup the dual monitor.






You may also refer to the links for additional information.







If the issue is confined to particular game, I would request you to contact the Flight simulator support.


You may refer to the link.



Please get back to us and let us know if this helps.

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Microsoft Community.
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