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Windows 8

Asked by: JoelPacini

Is there any way that you can encrypt folders and documents with the standard Windows 8 (not Pro)?

Answered by: TDOGDFW

This is not entirely true.  If your device has specific hardware requirements than you get a version of Bitlocker which installs silently and automatically with your Bitlocker key updated to OneDrive.

Requirements for Microsoft “Device Encryption”

  • Support for the Secure Boot feature, which implies both UEFI support and 64-bit Windows.
  • A Trusted Platform Module (TPM). The feature requires TPM 2.0, and most current devices use TPM 1.2.
  • Hardware and firmware support for Windows’ Connected Standby feature. Connected Standby allows a sleeping system to wake up periodically and refresh certain data, like e-mail messages or calendar events. Your smartphone already does the same sort of thing.
  • Connected Standby comes with its own set of hardware requirements, including a solid-state boot volume, NDIS 6.30 support for all network interfaces, and memory soldered to the motherboard. The system must also rely on passive cooling when in Connected Standby mode, even if it normally uses a fan.

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