Frozen on lock screen.

Windows 8

Asked by: TerryOrton

Switching on my wife's desktop this morning Windows 8 only got as far as the lock screen and then froze.We have no mouse or keyboard input at all. Please advise.

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Hi Terry,


To help you suggest steps to resolve the issue, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:


1.       Is the issue confined while locking the screen?

2.       Do you receive any error message or error code?

3.       Have you made any changes on the computer prior to the issue?


To avoid this type of inconvenience in future I would suggest you to refer to these methods and check if it helps.


Method 1: Run system maintenance troubleshooter and check.


a.       Press Windows Key +R, type Control Panel.

b.      Type troubleshooting in the search bar, click on troubleshooting.

c.       Click on System and Security, click on System Maintenance.

d.      Follow the steps from the wizard to run the troubleshooter.


Method 2: Disconnect all the external devices (printers, scanner, USB (universal serial bus) drives, etc...) Except mouse and the keyboard and then boot up.


If this corrects the issue then add the devices back one at a time until you discover the piece of hardware causing the issue. Then get any updated driverssoftware for the device.


Hope this information help. Let us know the results, will be happy to help you.

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