Haven't receive the security code to my eamil that is associated with my hotmail account

Windows 8

Asked by: Lindy2501

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Original Title: No responce to application for hotmail security code

I still have yet to get a security code sent to the email that is associated with my hotmail account. why am i not getting it? really frustrating considering i just got my hotmail email recovered and need to reset my password. do something please

Answered by: Yaqub K

Hi Lindy,

It could be difficult when things don't work the way it should be on your computer. I understand your frustration. Sorry for the in-convenience caused to you.

As you facing problems with receiving security codes, I would suggest you to login to the following link to troubleshoot the issue further:
Note: Refer to the section I am having problems receiving or using a security code and follow the screen instructions.

Please update us on the status of the issue to assist you further.

Yaqub Khan - Microsoft Support Engineer
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