How can i write with a stylus on a pdf file with surface rt?

Windows 8

Asked by: RyanZhou

Hi I'm a college student and I am just wondering if I could write on my pdf lecture notes or do I have to send it to OneNote first?


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Answered by: SAKennedy

This response is mystifying.  The student wants to write on a PDF but he cannot do it.  Responding with the question "Which app are you using to write on PDF files" totally begs the question.  The student clearly says he cannot write on the files.  Ergo, he is not using any app and is not currently writing on PDFs.  Your response should have been either "sorry, you cannot perform this function" or "You can perform this function by using a third-party app such as [identify apps]. 

I have the same issue.  I am an attorney.  I want to make handwritten notes on PDF files using my Surface Pro 3.  The OneNote program is buggy and I cannot write on PDFs using that program. 

On my iPad, I use NotesPlus and it works fine.  But I don't want to use the ipad -- I want to use my Surface Pro 3.  

Just answer the question directly -- tell us in simple English whether you can make hand-written notes on the Surface Pro and if yes, explain how we do it.  Do not simply use one of the canned answers that MS provides.  Type up an answer that directly relates to the question and provides a clear answer.  Thank you.

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