How do I connect a scanner to Windows 8 computer by WiFi. (Multifunction HP C310 printer)?

Windows 8

Asked by: JohnWGreer

More accurately, how do I get the computer to recognize that the printer can scan?

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Hi John,


1. Do you have any application software to work with the scanner?

2. Do you get any error messages? Are you able to print successfully?


Ideally, when you install the driver for All in one printer, the scanner should work along with the printer.


It looks like you may have not installed an application to work with the scanner. I can see that the printer is compatible with Windows 8.



Method 1:

You may check if Fax and scan feature is turned on in Windows features. Please follow the steps to check.


a. Press Windows key + W from the keyboard.

b. Type Turn Windows features on or off in the search box and press ENTER.

c. Click on Print and Document services.

d. Check if there is a check mark next to Windows Fax and Scan.

e. If there is no check mark, click on the box to enable it.

f. Click on Ok and Reboot.

g. Check if it works.


Method 2:

Step 1:
You may download and install the diagnostic tool 'HP Print and Scan Doctor' provided by HP from the article. Scan doctor utility checks for any errors with the scanner and identify the cause of the issue.



Step 2: If the issue still persists, I would suggest you to re-install the latest driver for the scanner compatible with Windows 8 and check if it helps.
I would also suggest you to post the question in HP support forums for more information.
Hope this information helps. Reply with the status so that we could help you further.
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