How to copy paste documnets and email to USB Falsh drive

Windows 8

Asked by: ClareXK

original title: USB backup re Windows 8


How do I backup my emails and documents on a USB before doing a Recovery.  Please and thank you.




Answered by: PranavMishra5582

Hi Clare,
We require the following details from you.
1) How are you trying to access your emails? Do you use any application to access it?
2) Which web email client do you use?
3) What is the location of the documents which you have on your computer?
You can export and create a folder which contains your email on any location on your computer and from there you can take the back up. You can copy paste or drag and drop your documents to your USB flash drive.
You can follow the steps given in the link here to copy and paste your files.
Copy or move files and folders.
Feel free to write to us if you have any issues.
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