How to reduce the internet traffic in Windows 8?

Windows 8

Asked by: RichardMorrow

Original title: windows 8 download costs.


I have windows 8 on my new computer. My internet connection is a Verizon Modem umw190. Every meg is monitored.  With windows 7 on my old computer I could run a month under 10 Gig. This one eats 500+ meg a day. What can I do. What can I shut down. What apps can I dump. Help!!!!!

Answered by: Mahesh Kumar A

Hi Richard,
Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Community Forums.
From the issue description, I understand that you want to reduce the cost of internet usage on the computer.
Let me go ahead and help you with the issue.
I would suggest you to refer to the link and check if it helps.
Metered Internet connections: Frequently asked questions
Hope this answers your query. You can write back to us for further queries/issues related to windows and we will be glad to assist you further.
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