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Asked by: RichardBoddington

I have Windows 8 Pro on a laptop.   Today, a Brightness icon has decided to pop up intermittently.  It appears in the top of the screen and comes and goes.  For some reason, it also permits my mouse to adjust screen brightness.  Any ideas?  Thanks



Answered by: RichardBoddington

Next part of the story.   Since posting the notes above, I may have stumbled across a solution.  I began pressing the F3 key.   Initially it was darkening the screen rather than making it brighter.   After a few presses, it started behaving and doing what it was supposed to do - increase brightness.


Since then, the rogue Brightness Icon has nor re-appeared.


On a separate note, I haven't restarted the laptop in case it still gets impacted by the InsydeH20 Setup Utility.   I think, where possible, I'll just shut down and then start from there.



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