MKV files cannot be recognized by WMP 12 as video in the Videos library, Registry edits do not help.

Windows 8

Asked by: mesa-nore

This is a problem I have had for a very long time.  I am trying to share some videos encoded in H264 and AVCHD and contained within the Matroska video container (MKV).

Currently, MKV files contained within folders allocated to the "Videos" library are listed in the "Other Media" folder.  Windows does not share the "Other Media" library/folder via DLNA or Homegroup streaming.....

Thus, these MKV files cannot be shared via the Windows library system;  Even another computer (not a "Device" like a mobile phone or a TV) cannot see them this way.... Only through standard file and print sharing.

I have been at this for a while, and I have tried the following:d

1) Yes I have the codec.  the files play perfectly fine in WMP.

2) Yes, I have Haali media splitter/Matroska splitter and FFdshow

3) Yes, I have edited the registry using the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

4) Yes, I have followed the procedure outlined in the first answer on the following page:

(delete the cached database in the localappdata folder)

5) yes, I have tried enabling the feature that adds newly played files to the Library.....

I am trying desperately to share these MKV files without the necessity of spending hours and hours demuxing and remuxing, or (Even worse) reendoing streams that cannot be muxed into MP4.....

I should say, that if Microsoft is unwilling to support MKV, which by 2013 is the only answer for why these files are not supported natively, then they are actively thumbing their noses at their most loyal customers.

Answered by: Barb Bowman

some people have had better luck with the shark 007 codecs
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