need help with uninstalling a program that is purposely hiding from uninstall

Windows 8

Asked by: nubie60

I recently installed "start8" buttons for a trial but now that I want to uninstall, the program stays hidden from "programs and applications" that can be uninstalled.  Right clicking on any files in the program folder does not yield an option to uninstall either. Although I can turn the program off, it yet gives an aggravating prompt upon computer reboot. Any suggestion how to uninstall this hidden menus without sending files to the trashcan and risk damaging some shared file? Although it is a 30 day trial version, I feel like the provider of the program purposely designed the program so he could hold downloaders ransom for a measly 5 buck, which attacks a principle, LOL. Need help!

Answered by: Ronnie Vernon



You will need to contact Stardock support to resolve this issue.


Stardock Corporation - Support:



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