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Hey all!

Just bought a new Cyberpower PC from my local Fry's Electronics. Interface is working great, but one problem. Every download no matter how small takes an incredibly long time to download and install. For example, I am currently trying to download Wolfram; a program used in my schooling. The program is about 1 Mb of data, but it has taken of 2 hours and its at 10%. Perhaps this is caused by me not properly setting up the computer. But I was told everything should be installed already. With all that out the way could some one please give me a proper run through of what to do when first starting a new PC? Any helpful suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thanks to all!

-Loshel Voigt

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What is your connection speed?  (go to speedtest.net to find out)

How do you connect to the internet?

I do not work for MS so do not shoot the messenger. Wanikya & Dyami Team ZigZag
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