On windows 8 uTorrent 3.2 not working.

Windows 8

Asked by: SagarJadhav9662

I am using windows 8 enterprise. Before that i was using windows 7 and on that i was using uTorrent very fine. But as soon as i switched to windows 8 i am unable to use utorrent 3.3. I tried clean boot and checked uTorrent functionality. I found that uTorrent working fine in clean boot. I fed up with this problem. On clean boot i have did following things.

a.       Open uTorrent

b.      Click on Options and select Preferences

c.       Click on General and associate with torrent files

But dose not work with it. For this problem i have not did any changes in my computer. I hope this information are sufficient if you need further any information reply on this post.

Answered by: slance310



It may be your security software or windows firewall blocking it.


Try reinstalling it or look through the options for " Create an exception in Windows firewall".

There is a second box also, but I don't remember it's name...


You might also try a newer version...

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