Spotlight not refreshing lock screen images properly

Windows 8

Asked by: ColBla


(Apologies if this has already been asked & answered, but if so I can't find it)

I like the idea of the randomly-varying lock screen image using Spotlight, but it never seems to work properly:

1, It gets stuck on one image for weeks on end.

2. When I get fed up with that I can go into the lock screen, select the "I don't like this picture" option, and it changes. I can repeat this until I get one I like.

3. A couple of days later that one disappears, and is replaced by another random picture. This one will also stay for days or weeks if I let it without changing.

I want it to work as advertised, ie a new random picture every day or or so. How do I get that please ?

I have Windows 10 Home, version 1607.

Thanks in advance.

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