Stuck Updating on Windows 8 "Keep your PC on until this is done. Installing update 2 of 2..."

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Asked by: Gracie A

I've been looking around for an explanation to this, but everything I find isn't exactly all that clear to me...

I have an Asus running Windows 8 and I decided to restart.  The dialogue "Keep your PC on until this is done.  Installing update 2 of 2..." has been sitting on my screen for the past five hours.  I don't know if it's normal and I'm afraid of hard resetting (if it's even possible) because I have a lot of files on my computer I'd rather not lose.  I can't access the desktop because I restarted the computer and all (this seems to be a big miscommunication in most forums).  Is there anything I can do?

Answered by: Pinaki Mohanty

Hi Gracie,

This notification "Keep your PC on until this is done.  Installing update 2 of 2..." on the computer's screen shows that Windows is trying to configure the updates offered from Windows Update.

Usually, Windows Update will configure the updates during the boot period. If it stays for a long time, use a hard reset step to try and avoid the screen (when it is stuck on the same screen). It may not affect the files on the computer. Press and hold power button for a few seconds. Computer will shut down. Now, restart the computer using the power button and then check if you are able to boot normally. You may try the same steps multiple times and check if you still receive the same notification on the screen and it freezes again.

If yes, follow the steps from the link to restore the computer to an earlier point:

Refer to the section “If you can't start Windows” under “My computer hangs or freezes at the Starting Windows screen


For further reference, you can refer to these links:


Follow the steps mentioned under section "Windows 8"

You can refer to the section "Method 3: Perform a System Restore" to perform a System Restore:


Please reply to us with the status of this issue.

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