TASKHOST.exe eating up my cpu over 30% HELPPPPPPP

Windows 8

Asked by: stevenmeuse

im having the same trouble as a few unanswered questions already ! it s TASKHOST.EXE .It s eating up over 30 % of my cpu not impresed !! if been trying to fix it for 3 day s now seaching the the web for answers i have scaned it cant find a viruse but not normal my ram is running at 3600 mhz it only used to run 1600 MHZgot a brand new ASUS  running WINDOWS 8 ( PLEASE HE
LPPPPP) IM NOT THE BEST AROUND COMPUTERS im scared that it s gona fry it it s only a few month s  old 

Answered by: slance310



Look in the Startup Tab of Taskmanager for anything odd that may be loading at boot...

Also look in MsConfig...Services... and check the box to "Hide All Microsoft" and see what's loading...

Look in your Task Scheduler for something that is running...

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