why i dont have any mega bytes after installing windos 8

Windows 8

Asked by: luisortiz_747

I had windows vista but my computer kept crashing and I think I lost my files after awhile. the pc ask for a startup dik I did not have so I put in a windows 8 disk and the pc started up and installed the windows 8 but now I don`t have any megabytes left. what do I do?

Answered by: 'Mike P

MegaBytes are pretty small things... you need gigabytes.

If hard drive space is low, perhaps try going to control panels 'Administrative tools' and right click and run as administrator 'Disk Cleanup' for your windows drive.   Maybe you can free up some disk space there especially if windows.old shows in the list.   Which is huge and usually contains your old files, which I assume you don't need.

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