Windows 8 64 bit hangs during boot

Windows 8

Asked by: c303a

During boot up I get the POST screen then the system goes to the Windows 8 splash scree (4 blue squares) and at this point the system will hang for 2 minutes. I have reloaded window, changed SSD' s and reloaded again. I talked to the motherboard tech support, the SSD  tech support and every one says it is a Windows problem. I have also run memtes, Cpu test, ATTO for the SSd and everything is fine. 

P8Z68-v/Gen3 motherrboard
Intel i2600K cpu
16 gigs ram running at 2193
2 GTX 570 Video cards running in SLI mode
2 128 gigabyte SSD hard drives
2 1 terabyte hard drives

The system was rebuilt with minimum hardware at each re-load of Windows. (1 SSD, and 1 video card.)

Thanks for any help. This is really frustrating.

Answered by: Rajesh Govind





Thank you for replying and letting us know the result of the given troubleshooting steps. We are happy to know that you were able to figure out the root cause of this issue and that the computer is working fine now.


If you need any further assistance on this, please get back to us. You may also post all your queries related to Windows on Microsoft Community Forums. We’ll be glad to assist you.


Rajesh Govind - Microsoft Support Engineer
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