Windows 8 is slow to opening programs

Windows 8

Asked by: Mark_Waugh

I have installed Windows 8 on my 6 month old laptop.  It works great, with a small exception.

Windows 8 loads extremely fast, a lot faster than windows 7 did, however my programs open slower on Windows 8. 

The main programs are Office 2010 (Word and Outlook), and Pinnacle Studio.  These programs are taking almost twice as long to open up.  Is there something that windows 8 does differently.  It almost seems like caching/prefetch is turned off in windows 8.


Answered by: Mithun K

Guys I have found a solution which worked for me

1. Go to Run, Services.msc

2. Go to Superfetch

3. Check if it in running or not

4. If not running turn it on (Automatic setting)

Worked for me :) :) I hope it works for you too. 

thank you. 

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