Windows 8 laptop keeps telling me my password is wrong even though it's right.

Windows 8

Asked by: Rhel Jarrard

I get the exact same problem all the time on my new Dell Laptop with Windows 8 installed.  It keeps telling me the password is wrong so I just keep entering it until it finally decides that I have it correct. There is no way I am typing it wrong every single time. This is VERY frustrating.

https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-security/windows-8-laptop-keeps-telling-me-my-password-is/420bcba5-1bb4-4df7-9d0a-ab389ef83b68 >

Answered by: Winston M

Hi Rhel Jarrard,

Please answer few questions to narrow down the issue.

1. Are you using Microsoft account to login?

2. Are you able to login to other Windows Live services with the Microsoft account?

3. Have you changed/reset the password recently?

4. Do you have Webroot antivirus program installed on the computer?

If you are using Microsoft account, you may perform the steps provided here. You may try to login to other Windows Live services and check the results.

I would suggest you to refer the steps mentioned by 'Cliff_N replied on December 7, 2012' in the article.

Why can’t I sign into Windows 8 with my Microsoft Account?       


Note: The apps that came with your PC or you installed from Windows Store will be reinstalled, but any apps you installed from other websites and DVDs will be removed. Windows puts a list of the removed apps on your desktop after refreshing your PC.

Hope this information helps. Reply with the status so that we could help you further.

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