Computer barely responds to anything after a normal restart.

Windows RT 8.1

Asked by: Aaron4451

WINDOWS 8.1 9600

Last night, I turned off my computer, pretty routine.

This morning, I turned it on, and immediately I noticed something was off, my lock screen wallpaper was defaulted.

When I logged in, none of the start menu was there, just a blank green screen saying Start.

In Desktop, almost all of my startup processes failed. Skype didn't boot, Synapse for my keyboard failed, and a few other processes.

I looked into it, and I tried /sfc scannow in an admin command prompt, which failed at 38%.

I can't download any programs/antiviruses, and if I try to use the Start Button, and search anything, I get a remote procedure call failed message. RPC Locator is set to Manual as well.

Can anyone offer any help to me?

Thanks, Aaron.

Answered by: Xircal

Do you know somebody with an 8.1 computer who will let you create a recovery drive on a USB drive? If you do, see this tutorial: http://www.digitalcitizen.life/fix-problems-keep-windows-81-loading-start-repair

If you don't know anyone with the same operating system, there's an option to create 8.1 installation media, also on a USB drive. However, you do need the product key. You could try using this free tool to read it: https://neosmart.net/OemKey/

If the tool displays the product key all you need to do next is to create the installation media: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/15088/windows-create-installation-media

If the tool can't read the product key you can't use this option since you won't be able to validate Windows.

All computer manufacturers are required to provide a means of creating recovery media instructions for which can be found in the user manual for your machine. The recovery media automatically reads the product key which is embedded in the BIOS in encrypted format during the installation. For that reason product keys no longer appear on a label adhered to the computer anymore.

If you don't avail yourself of the opportunity to create recovery media you might be able to purchase a set of recovery disks from the computer manufacturer.

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