Computer stuck in constant loading loop after crash during reset

Windows RT 8.1

Asked by: Emily J


My computer was crashing and freezing constantly so I decided to reset the computer and windows (I have windows 10). The process got to the reinstallation stage and was 64% through when the computer crashed, the blue screen sad face error message came up and the laptop restarted. It then got stuck in a loop between the asus loading screen (I have a zenbook UX305C) and the 64% loaded installation page. After about half an hour of this I turned the computer off and left it for a while, when I turned it back on it continued in its loop for about ten minutes before either staying or freezing on the installation page for about 30 seconds before crashing again. It restarted and it currently stuck in the same loop as before. I have no clue where to start or get the computer out of its loop so any help would be really appreciated. 



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