My screen won't stop zooming in, pinch zoom is disabled.

Windows RT 8.1

Asked by: Lila2016

For months now my computer mouse will randomly go to the right side of the screen and zoom in and out and move the scroll bar on it's own. It is not just in google chrome as my web browser says it is at 100% zoom which is the default. Whenever it zooms in and out I can no longer use the scroll bar on its own instead my mouse will click on something else around the scroll bar. When it does this there are a series of "bubbles" as if i am using the touchscreen feature, which is disabled. I also have pinch zoom disabled and my mouse set to not even move if bumped, it will only move the cursor with a specific motion. For example, on YouTube it will zoom into the very right corner so far zoomed in it is just focused on one video's thumbnail and then if i go to scroll my mouse will be over the scroll bar but will click on the video next to it. It does this multiple times a day, any ideas what is causing it and how to stop it? My computer is an HP Envy with Windows 10. 
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