Video streaming issues with YouTube

Windows RT 8.1

Asked by: lgayosso


I am experiencing the following streaming issue on YouTube videos on a brand new Lenovo Laptop with pre-loaded Windows 10:

The video plays well but if I pause, after 10-15 mins the cursor is lost and if I try to get a hold of the active window the entire screen turns black. The pointer is never recovered and the only way to gain access is to reboot the laptop. 

Once the cursor is lost I cannot use ALT+TAB to move between apps or even use the CTRL+ALT+F4 (new Win 10 method) to close the browser where the issue started.

I checked that Device Manager's devices are up-to-date and have no special video software installed.

Thanks in advance,

Lucio Gayosso

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What browser are you using?
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