Windows 10 starts up on a sideway, no matter what. Please help!

Windows RT 8.1

Asked by: forumeater

Finally, Windows OS made me (forum lurker) a community member. I had been found all answers what I was looking for till now, but this is the first;

My touch-screen (pen and touch support with 10 touch points) laptop/tablet with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit has been starting up on a sideway screen after a third party driver updater software being installed (not any more), since then, I tried rotation locking, orientation, but it always starts with sideway screen. I don't know what is overriding my preferences. I know Ctrl+Alt+Arrow key combo, but I need a permanent solution. The computer has sensors, so if I rotate it to vertical stand; the screen rotates, too. Another thing is that whenever I press Ctrl+Alt+Del; that screen shows up; and If I press any option , like Cancel or Task Manager, the screen refreshes and doesn't return to desktop, except Sign Off option. Do I have to mess up with Windows services or something? Please help me! Thanks!
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