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Asked by: Hudit

Original Title: Email link from Internet site

How do you send a link or page from the Internet to an email address on Windows 10?  There is no longer an icon for it.  Thanx.

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Hi Hudit,

Thank you for posting the query on Microsoft Community. I am glad to assist you on this.

I appreciate if you could answer few questions to narrow down the issue and to provide you better assistance.

  • How exactly are you trying to send a link or page to an Email address?
  • If you right click on a hyperlink, do you get an option to send it to mail? 
  • When you say, "There is no longer an icon for it" what exactly are you referring to?

You can directly send a link by copying it from address bar and paste it on the body of the Email. You may also need to give a single space after you paste the link to create an hyperlink.

Please get back to us with the above information in order to assist you accordingly.

Thank You.

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