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Greetings folks,
I have an OEM PC that has:

Gigabyte motherboard GA-890XA-UD3 version 2.0
Graphics card NVIDIA GTX 670
Primary drive: 2 x 60GB SSD's striped with motherboard hardware RAID 0.
Other drives get brought online after the install is complete.

I was running Windows 7 and took up the option to upgrade to Windows 10 when it was released.
I normally do a fresh install when I update the OS, so that I get a clean install.
This all went fine at the time and has been working well but as time and updated have progressed the system got slower. I finally decided to do the clean install and created the install iso as advertised.
When I start installing it goes through until the disk partitioning.
It did detect the RAID 0 drive correctly so I deleted the existing partitions.
All still good, I then told it to proceed, allowing it to partition as it saw fit, I get the list of steps it is going to perform but sits at %0 for quite a while before saying it is unable to copy the files.
I have tried many options to get around this, including adding the driver support for the RAID controller, but all ends the same way.
To convince myself it is not a hardware issue I have reinstalled Windows 7 without any trouble and then upgraded Windows 10 over the top and it is currently patching.
This gets me going again but I would still like to do a clean install.
Can you please help.
BTW, can you also tell me how to change the updating to what I had before:
"Check for updates but let me choose when to update"
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