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I am running Windows 10. I installed Microsoft Windows 7 Games for Windows 10 shortly after upgrading to Windows 10. This evening Microsoft ran an update, restarted my computer, and now I can't get the games to work. I've tried reinstalling them and they still won't work. Does anyone know why?

I just realized this update removed the tiny bit of flexibility that was available in "Sticky Notes". I love this program and use it frequently. However, I often write the message in WordPad changing the font color, adding a highlight, using strikeouts or changing the font size for part of the note. Then I would paste it on the sticky note. This update has changed the default font to a block style of the original font, from Segoe Print to Segoe UI Emoji, and won't allow me to paste anything different.

I think this is another update that has screwed things up more than intended and I want this fixed. 

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I have the same problem. The old "Run Windows 7 Games On Windows 10" install now fails to work after the new Windows Anniversary Edition was pushed as a "patch" -- and the patch wiped out the old install. 

My system also has a "Windows.old" backup directory that includes the non-Windows directory Program Files which contains the old "Microsoft Games" directory with the old windows 7 games.

The updated 'Program Files' directory does not have the Win 7 Microsoft games and the install no longer works.

Anyone find a way past this?

Anyone from Microsoft want to tell us why our Minesweeper and Spider Solitaire habits must be so cruelly broken? The new versions are ok, but not at all the same and harder to work with.

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