Slow Windows 10 tranfer speeds

Windows RT

Asked by: SomeRandomguy.2

Since Windows 10 transferring anything from anywhere to anywhere localy is very slow, it start slow, speed up to almost max speed of the device, then the transfer becomes very bumy and hit 0KB/S quite often,I have a SSD for OS and a HDD for everything else

Moving things from SSD to HDD is quick, and it runs at the HDD's max speed and not much bumpynes , but If I try to transfer to/between/from USB devices it is much slower and bumpy, if Its USB 3.0 it goes at 50MB/S max and for USB 2.0 its around 10 MB/S and for both USB types it is not because of the drive's max speed

I really need to move a lot of stuff and it took almost 10 hours to move 30GB from Usb 2.0

I Already looked at othe posts and tried some things they said might help but its still amost the same so I hope someone knows how to fix it

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