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Hello there,

So I am using an X550Z ASUS. Recently I was using it then it went off due to low battery. A few hours after that I switched it on again without plugging in the charger because I forgot that the battery was low so halfway through startup it went off. So right after that, I switched my laptop on with the charger plugged in, it went to a screen saying "Preparing Automatic Repair" and right after that it just shows a blank screen. My mouse cursor could still move though. Any solution or help towards this problem will be greatly appreciated?

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Start your Asus Laptop, then just after the Asus logo disappears and Windows 10 tries to boot, press and hold the power button down for 5 - 10 seconds to perform a hard shut down

Do this Twice

On the third boot attempt, Windows will boot into the Windows 10 Repair Environment, from there you can access Startup Recovery, Safe Mode, Command Prompt . . . etc.

Try going to Troubleshoot - Advanced Options - System Restore to see if you have a recent restore point you can go back to

If not try Troubleshoot - Advanced Options - Startup Repair

I Hope this Helps!

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