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I am running Windows 10. After the latest round of automatic updates I lost the ability to use multiple external screens. I restored to an earlier restore point and the multiple screen functionality was restored. This indicates the problem is not random and indeed was caused by a recent Windows update. Unfortunately one day later the Windows 10 operating system (in its wisdom) reinstalled the latest updates and I again lost the ability to run multiple external screens. The second screen was simply not detected by the system. By playing around with the connections to the monitors and the 'display settings' I was able to again obtain the required functionality. This has lasted a day or two and now it is not functioning properly.

Unfortunately I have little faith in the new automatic update arrangements. When we do have a problem such as the loss of functionality and perform a restore to restore that functionality the Windows 10 system overrides and forces us as users into failure. Every time the system begins an update cycle I wonder what form of hell I will need to deal with. I don't have time to mess about with this nonsense and I just want a system where basic functions work after updates. We as users should at least have the possibility to delay install of updates if we know they destroy one or more functions on our computer system. If the system functionality fails in some way and I go to the time and trouble to do a restore I don't expect the system to override my decision and immediately (after a short delay) reinstall the updates until the problem I am experiencing from the faulty install package is rectified.

My questions to MS:

1. When will the dual monitor function failure be rectified?

2. Why does the current method of Windows update remove our possibility to block or delay faulty updates that destroy system functionality when we as users have established that the latest round of updates causes operational errors in our computer system? When is this planned to be rectified?

Note: Honestly after reading other earlier threads and corresponding replies offered as help to other users I don't expect any serious and immediately useful responses from MS. Surprise me.

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Microsoft has  released an official Windows Update troubleshooter tool for Windows 10 which tries to bring the good ol' show or hide Windows updates option back in Windows 10.

First download the tool from following link:

Download Windows 10 Updates Troubleshooter Tool from Microsoft

Run the tool and it'll provide you an option to show or hide Windows updates.

Click on "Hide updates" option and you'll be able to hide desired update given in the list.

The tool might come handy if you want to disable unwanted driver updates or unnecessary Windows features or programs.


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