Cortana and Search bar do not respond, unable to uninstall KB3206632

Windows Vista

Asked by: Yohann J.


I did an update through Windows Update yesterday of my "Windows 10 Pro N" OS. Along with this update was the security update KB3206632.

Since then, I am unable to use the Cortana/Search bar, a click on it do nothing. I read other threads and tried to apply proposed corrective:



I tried both method on the first link and the first method of the second link, none of them worked.

Especially, on a clean account, I'm still facing the issue.

As a last resort, I tried to uninstall the update, but after some time I have an error message saying windows failed to uninstall the update.

What can I do to check what's wrong? Is there some log files that could bring more information about the failed uninstall update ?

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