Hotmail account has been emailing without my knowledge, how can I resolve?

Windows Vista

Asked by: darts kew

Hey i use my hotmail account to apply for jobs. The only problem is i got an email back off someone i contacted showing that my account had sent them spam. They are not happy and neither am I.

Please help.

Answered by: SpiritX MS MVP


Do an extremely thorough check for malware and then change your email password.

Be aware that it is possible for someone to send email that "appears" to be from your
account but that actually isn't - called "Spoofing". Which means its "Possible" the emails
were not actually from you at all, though they may have your contact list. Have someone
that is receiving the emails to check the header to see where it is actually sent from and
NOT just the reply to address.

How To Read Email Headers

E-mail spoofing

E-mail spoofing and Phishing

Understanding E-mail Spoofing

Spoof (Fake) E-mails

Google Search - E-mail Spoofing


If you need to check for malware here are my recommendations - these will allow you to do
a thorough check and removal without ending up with a load of spyware programs running
resident which can cause as many issues as the malware and maybe harder to detect as the

No one program can be relied upon to detect and remove all malware. Added that often easy
to detect malware is often accompanied by a much harder to detect and remove payload. So
its better to be overly thorough now than to pay the high price later. Check with these to an
extreme overkill point and then run the cleanup only when you are very sure the system is clean.

These can be done in Safe Mode - repeatedly tap F8 as you boot however you should also run 
them in regular Windows when you can.

Download malwarebytes and scan with it, run MRT, and add Prevx to be sure it is gone.
(If Rootkits run UnHackMe)

Download - SAVE - go to where you put it - Right Click on it - RUN AS ADMIN

Malwarebytes - free

Run the Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool

Start - type in Search box -> MRT  find at top of list - Right Click on it - RUN AS ADMIN.

You should be getting this tool and its updates via Windows Updates - if needed you can
download it here.

Download - SAVE - go to where you put it - Right Click on it - RUN AS ADMIN
(Then run MRT as above.)

Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool - 32 bit

Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool - 64 bit

also install Prevx to be sure it is all gone.

Download - SAVE - go to where you put it - Right Click on it - RUN AS ADMIN

Prevx - Home - Free - small, fast, exceptional CLOUD protection, works with other
security programs. This is a scanner only, VERY EFFECTIVE, if it finds something come back
here or use Google to see how to remove. 
http://www.prevx.com/   <-- information
http://info.prevx.com/downloadcsi.asp  <-- download

PCmag - Prevx - Editor's Choice

Try the trial version of Hitman Pro :

Hitman Pro is a second opinion scanner, designed to rescue your computer from malware
(viruses, trojans, rootkits, etc.) that have infected your computer despite all the security
measures you have taken (such as anti virus software, firewalls, etc.).


If needed here are some online free scanners to help



Original version is now replaced by the Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft Safety Scanner



Other Free online scans


Also do these to cleanup general corruption and repair/replace damaged/missing
system files.

Run DiskCleanup - Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup

Start - type this in Search Box ->  COMMAND   find at top and RIGHT CLICK  - 

Enter this at the prompt - sfc /scannow

How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker
(SFC.exe) program generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

Run checkdisk - schedule it to run at next start and then Apply OK your way out then restart.

How to Run Check Disk at Startup in Vista


If any Rootkits are found use this thread and other suggestions. (Run UnHackMe)



Answers is a peer supported group and unfortunately has no real influence on Hotmail.

HotMail has its own Forums so you should ask your questions there.

Windows Live Solution Center - HotMail Solutions - HotMail Forums

Hotmail - Forums

Hotmail - Solutions

How to Contact Windows Live Hotmail Support

Windows Live Hotmail Top Issues and Support Information

Account Compromise - Unauthorized Account Access - How to Recover Your Account

Hotmail hacked? Take these steps

Hope this helps.

Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP <- profile - Windows Expert - Consumer : Bicycle - Mark Twain said it right.

Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience : Bicycle - Mark Twain said it right.
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