How to reinstall software from backup?

Windows Vista

Asked by: Seven Tan


I had follow the instruction to do backup and restore windows 7, but I unable to reinstall my software, I only able to view the files that I backup. For eg, before restore windows 7, I had backup software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, microsoft officice...etc. but now after I restore it I only see the files that I saved but unable to reinstall these software. I thought the backup was suppose to backup all including the software installation setup?

Also, my previous resolution looks better and clearer but after I had reinstall windows 7, the resolution is out and I had tried to do the setting but it unable to restore like the previous version. 

Someone please help me, thank you. 


Seven Tan 

Answered by: Frederik Long

The backup process backs up user files so that you can restore them if needed. It does not back up program files. To avoid problems with programs it is mandatory to keep all software installation files on an external disk together with the purchasing details (where purchased or downloaded, price paid, licence numbers).

You can create an image of your installation via the Control Panel / Backup and Restore. You can use this image to restore the machine exactly as it was when you created the image. Your data will be set back as it was when you created the image.

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