How to stop my PC locking every couple of minutes.

Windows Vista

Asked by: capobub

My Dell PC locks every two minutes if there is no action on the keyboard. I have to enter my Password all the time.

The problem started two months ago and was bearable as it was only occasional but is now permanent and really annoying.

Obviously I am a newbie. Very grateful for some help.Thanks.


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Change the time for the screensaver to start. Putting it at 20 minutes or so is better. You will see where you can uncheck the need to enter a password on resuming if so desired, too.

Also look in the Power Options to make sure you aren't putting your computer to standby/sleep too soon.

Control Panel>Personalize>Screen Saver. Uncheck the box next to "On resume, display logon screen".

Control Panel>Power Options>Select a power plan>Require a password on wakeup>Define power buttons and turn on password protection. Click "don't require a password" and Save.


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