How to stop Windows Media Player from playing all my music in "Random" Mode

Windows Vista

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From: Rob

Message: this just started , I have always be able to play my cd's that are loaded on my pc from start to finish through my home theatre but now it will ONLY play them in random mode.

 maybe one of my kids set it this way or something but I cannot set it back , for instance if I start a CD like Genesis Lamb Lies down Live it plays the first song then skips to another song from another CD totally at random.

 And if I try to play one song then fast forward to the next song in the list it also just goes to some obscure other cd and song....WHY!!

this is frustrating as I have gone through EVERY setting and EVERY menu I can find and NO PLACE does it mention to play random ON OFF.

please help , I was all set to listen to this CD tonight and now I feel deprived , YES I can use the disk BUT THAT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE!!.



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From: locoeng

Sounds like you have shuffle turned on, it's easy to turn off:



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