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I cannot get my old printer to work on my brand new desk top with Vista.  I do have the disk but realize that it will not work.  I've gone to their site and tried what they say is for Vista, and it still doesn't work (cjrx1100EN.exe)  I need help.  I have checked and double checked to make sure a lexmark driver isn't installed on my computer (like they suggest), unplug the usb, but all is lost if the driver will not download.  It seems to me that i get a Not a Valid Win 32?  Either way, it is very frustrating and I shouldn't have to buy a new printer just to work with Vista.  Please help.  I look forward to any one's response/solution to this problem.

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Hello Reefbuff,

Thank you for posting.  Since you are getting the "Not a Valid Win32" error, I would like to suggest that you download the drive again as it might not have downloaded correctly.  Also please make sure that you follow these steps before install.

Important News

Attention Windows Vista Users: Attention Windows Vista Users
If you have installed your printer on your PC using an original Lexmark Driver CD that came with your product and you are experiencing problems when printing, you may have installed the Windows XP driver.

Follow these steps to resolve:
· Disconnect your USB cable from your printer.
· Uninstall all Lexmark printer drivers on your PC.
· Download the correct Vista driver for your model.
· Install the driver on your PC.

Important - Do not reconnect the USB cable until the install software prompts the question of how the printer is connected.

Please let me know if this helps you


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Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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