My computer factory reset itself (by itself) and so I lost my free Windows 10

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We came in to an unresponsive computer. When we rebooted it, it began a factory reset that we were unable to exit. Never had THAT happen before. Anyway, everything is, of course, gone. This includes my free Windows 10 download. I've tried to re-install it with the media creation download, but it asks for the product key and there is none. I don't see a way to get around it and it won't automatically go online to authorize it. I'm having trouble finding any resolution other than purchasing a new copy of Windows 10. Any ideas?

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Which version of Windows is currently installed on the computer?

When you upgraded from a previous version of Windows or receive a new computer preinstalled with Windows 10, what happened is the hardware (your PC) will get a digital entitlement, where a unique signature of the computer will be stored on Microsoft Activation Servers. The Windows 7 or Windows 8 genuine license you were previously running will be exchanged for a diagnostics key.

Anytime you need to reinstall Windows 10 on that machine, just proceed to reinstall Windows 10. It will automatically reactivate.

So, there is no need to know or get a product key, if you need to reinstall Windows 10, you can use your Windows 7 or Windows 8 product key or use the reset function in Windows 10.

If you are prompted to enter a product key, click 'I don't have a key' and 'Do this later'

Download the Media Creation Tool Now

Right click the MediaCreationTool.exe file then click Run as administrator.

Note: How to verify if you downloaded or installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Select the option Upgrade this PC now if you want to upgrade right away, of if you want to download a ISO image or create a bootable copy on a USB thumb drive, choose Create installation media for another PC then click Next

A new option has been added to the setup screen for users reinstalling Windows 10 on a previously installed and activated system. If your system has a Digital License attached to it, Windows 10 will automatically upgraded:

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